How do I sign up?
Signing up is simple and easy, just fill in the information via the sign up form. Your account will be approved within 24 hours, and then you're ready to go!

If you're a member of be sure to use the same username for your affiliate account.

Will my account be activated instantly?
Your account will first need to be approved, and then the appropriate commission rate will be to be assigned. For example, if you are a member of then you qualify for a Level 2 commission.

Who can become an art affiliate?
Anyone can become an affiliate! There's no screening process or requirements as to who gets accepted.

If you're an active member of will be under the Level 1 Commission bracket.

What is the payment process?
PayPal is the primary payment method, so please ensure you have a valid PayPal account because you will need to provide it during the registration process.

In the near future new payout options will be made available for Stripe and Transferwise.

Payments are in US Dollars and will be made on the 1st of each month for affiliates that have accrued a commission total of $99 or more.

Are there any requirements to join the Art Affiliate Program?
You will need an active PayPal account to receive payments, and then simply fill in the required information via the signup form. That's it!

Why should I join the art affiliate program?
There's a great section on the 'why become an art affiliate' blog page that answers this question in greater detail, but generally one of the best reasons to become an art affiliate is the opportunity to earn a passive income that works for you, even when you're not working.

What are the commission rates?
There are 2 main commission levels open to the general public.

Payout Level 1 Affiliates: Available to everyone
Base of 20% sales commission
10% commission of Tier 1 affiliate sales
5% commission of Tier 2 affiliate sales

Payout Level 2 Affiliates: Available to members with active membership
Base of 35% sales commission
10% commission of Tier 1 affiliate sales
5% commission of Tier 2 affiliate sales

How do I qualify for Level 2 Affiliate commissions?
You will automatically qualify for Level 2 commission rates if you are an active member of

If your membership has expired then your commission rate will drop down to Level 1.

What are Tier Affiliates and Commission chains?
A commission chain is where you earn a series of commissions as a result of affiliates recruited either directly, or indirectly from your affiliate link.

Tier 1 affiliates are those that sign up as a result of clicking through your personal affiliate link, they will forever be connected to your commission chain. You will receive 10% of any sale made via their affiliate link.

Tier 2 affiliates are those that sign up as a result of clicking through your Tier 1's affiliate link, they will forever be connected to your commission chain. You will receive 5% of the total sale made via their affiliate link.

Does my commission get shared with others?
Nope. All commissions are based on percentages of the total sale made!

For example if there's a sale of $100; $35 would go to the Level 2 affiliate, $10 to the affiliate above them (affiliate Dad), and $5 would go to the affiliate above both of them (affiliate Grandpa).

So basically, there will only ever be 3 people affiliated with any sale. That's a total payout of 55% from conceptstart.

How reliable is this link tracking software?
Powerful link tracking software is put in place to track all visitors to the site from special links rooted to affiliate accounts. This market leading tried and tested software has been implemented by over 150,000+ companies across the world over the last 15 years.

How do affiliate links work?
When you sign up you'll be given your own unique affiliate link that looks something like this:

Every time someone clicks your link they will be taken to and their IP and cookie will be logged in association with your name. If that person goes on to become a member, the affiliate tracking software communicates with the payment gateway to make sure you get credited with a commission.

How long does the visitor association last for?
After clicking your link a visitor's IP and cookie will be logged via the tracking software for 90 days. So basically, if this person makes a payment within those 90 days you will get a commission for it.

If that person happens to click someone else's affiliate link somewhere else on the internet, then a new association will be formed between that affiliate and the visitor for 90 days.

Are there any rules to being an affiliate?
There are just a few simple rules affiliates should abide by.

1. No linking to websites of a sexual nature.
- Conceptstart will not be associated with any such websites.

2. Refrain from linking to unrelated websites.
- Linking to websites that aren't creative in nature aren't likely to yield very good results for you.

- The only non-creative websites condoned are other affiliate network marketing websites.

3. No link spamming.
- Please respect other platforms by flooding threads, forums or social networks with your links.

4. No promotional material can be made posing as official material without consent.

- Email '' for approval first.

All links are tracked using powerful algorithms. If anyone affiliate is caught breaking these rules then your account may be at risk of being suspended, or in severe cases terminated.

Are there any taxes involved?
You will not be taxed by, however there's likely to be a small PayPal fee that they will deduct from the payment.

You are technically an independent earner and it's your responsibility to declare any financial earnings you make with whoever necessary.

How can I be sure I’ll be paid?
Firstly, make sure you have put down the correct payment details.

Secondly, this affiliate tracking software is very powerful and is coded specifically with the sole purpose of making sure that all sales generated are credited to the appropriate art affiliate.

All art affiliates are valued as an integral part of conceptstart. Time is put aside on the 1st of each month to make sure each affiliate is paid on time.

How much can I earn?
The potential to earn good money is available to everyone, but it ultimately depends on some key factors that need to be considered.

How often you share your affiliate link.
How much traffic passes by your affiliate link.
Who you share your affiliate link to.
How you deliver your affiliate link.
How many of your affiliate links are in circulation.

If you already have a large network or following of people then you're more likely to earn more commissions straight away. If you're starting from scratch then it will take longer, but the great thing with this art affiliate program is that you get to fuse it with doing what you love to do anyway!

What is expected of me if I sign up?
There are no expectations from anyone that joins our art affiliate program. You're free to earn as much or as little as you want. You get out of it whatever you put in.

How can I monitor my earnings?
Once you become a member there's a panel that you'll get access to that lets you monitor all of your clicks, commissions, payments and so on.

Is there any Marketing material provided?
Various Marketing Materials will be made available via the affiliate login panel, but for now only your affiliate link will be necessary to get commissions.

Advice and guidance will also be made available in due course as the art affiliate program grows with lots of new products